How to Download a Nikon D40 Manual

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If you are like me you lose stuff. When I got my Nikon D40 a few years back I read that manual inside and out. Then I got into basic photography for a few months then I wanted to try some new stuff with the shutter speed and other settings but I couldn’t find my manual. I must have tossed it or like everything else I believe my wife tossed it. JThis is a step by step on how to download a PDF version of the Nikon D40 manual.

Downloading a Nikon d40 manual requires that you have an Adobe Reader. This is a free program. I placed a link in the resources section.

I did a search in google to find the PDF manual. In link that I found is the best is This was created by Sandor Nagy and they did a great job.

Once you click the link it will automatically download and a PDF file will appear on your computer.

You will see a Nikon D40 cover and you can now either print it or what I recommend is click the Save a Copy tab on your upper left hand corner. This will allow you to save the PDF to your computer. This is a 89 page manual so printing it could be a waste.

The online version is great instead of flipping through your paper version you can go right to what you are looking for. If you want to find info on D-Lighting click Ctrl-f on your keyboard and a find window will pop up, enter D-lighting and press enter. I hope these tips help.


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