Honda Civic: Story of a Great Car

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A little history into my vehicles and why I have a great knowledge of automotive buying and selling. I have owned a lot of cars over the last 8 years since I got my drivers license none of them have been more then your average $500 beater with a heater. I usually replace my vehicle every 6 to 8 months because they have become just to costly to repair. I have owned a: 87 Olds Cutlass, 88 Cadillac Coupe Deville, 92 Pontiac Sunbird, 3 89 Toyota Tercels, 89 Chevy Corsica, 86 Chevy Celebrity, 86 Dodge 600 Convertible and my 88 Honda Civic.
Today I’ve decided to share with you the experience I’ve had with my current car which is a 1988 Honda Civic sedan. I have nicked named her the energizer bunny of cars and once you read this article you will understand why.
The story of the Civic begins when I was driving an old leaking convertible, so I began looking through the local websites for at least a beater with a roof that didn’t leak. I came across a little white Civic sedan listed for $200 as an a to b beater or parts car so I emailed about it. The guy got back to me later on that day and let me know that he just wanted it gone and I could have it for $50. Unfortunately at the time I did not have $50 so I told him this in my next email and asked if he could hold it until I did. He emailed me back shortly after saying he didn’t really need the money or the car and it needed some work so I could come and get it free of charge. Needless to say I was excited so I scheduled to pick it up a few days later but I didn’t get my hopes up knowing the chances of a free car being road worthy were slim to none.
When we went to pick it up it was sitting on the side of the road in front of his house my boyfriend already had it running and the guy handed me the paperwork for it. I was surprised to see that for the year it was in excellent condition except for some minor rust and a very broken tail-light. Now for the fun part the Civic was a standard transmission and I had a general idea how to drive one but never really had. After what felt like a million times of stalling her I finally got her going lets just say it was an interesting drive home with my boyfriend following me in his pickup and laughing at me the whole way home. We decided afterwards that he would drive and we would take it out for a spin and discovered she had a fare bit of sputter in the low rpm range which we later discovered was due to an oil leak from one of the seals between the valves of the car. The leak was causing oil to leak into one of the spark plug tubes which was a quick and easy fix with some gasket maker.
Since the fix of the oil leak which did take us about a month to figure out the car ran a lot better but still had a sputter to it. I went out and purchased some new spark plugs and wires which I installed myself. I took her for a burn right afterwards and it was like driving a totally new car no more sputter. When I went home I looked at the dates on the wires that were on the car before I changed them they were dated 1988 the same year as the car. The plugs and wires had never been changed and the car had 316,000km on it. I was amazed that she was still running with such a severe lack of maintenance.
I’ve owned this car since Nov 2009 and I drive it everywhere the only other problems I’ve had with it is my starter went, my heater motor quit and my rad developed a small pinhole leak which I quickly sealed. I have driven it everywhere without hesitation and it has never let me down. As I stated before it had 316,000 when I got it and is now sitting at 331,000. I have also done some other work to it included replacing the broken tail-light and covering the minimal rust so it would not get worse which can be done with basic rust paint.
Since I got her she has seen twice a week washes, regular interior cleaning, oil changes, any required maintenance, some fun decals to dress her up a bit and the respect a 331,000km car deserves. I baby her and she has never seen any abuse under my hand and she thanks me with her continued reliability. I couldn’t care less that’s she’s not a real looker or a fast little sports car but I’m proud to drive my Honda I can’t honestly say I’ve ever owned a better car.
I will be purchasing another vehicle in the next little while and it will be the first one I can really afford to spend some decent money on but I will remember how my little Honda served me so well and so faithfully no matter what. The Honda will be staying in my family I’ve decided to pass her on to my sister who turns 16 April of 2011 for her first car because there isn’t another car I would feel better about her driving I know the Honda will go on to serve her well and then on to my brother when he gets his license in a few years.
I will be sad to see my Honda go I never knew why people loved their Honda’s so much till I got mine. I can see why these cars invoke such an extreme loyalty to the brand. Honda knows what they are doing when they build a vehicle and I have no doubt that my car will faithfully see 400,000 and beyond and will give many mores years of faithful and reliable service after we part ways.
The point I want to get across by writing this article is that a Honda even with high mileage and what might not seem like much of a car can have some really great potential with a little work. My car has honestly proven to me over the last 9 months that she was well worth the $300 I’ve put into her and has shown me the true faithful reliability Hondas are known for and has proven herself to be the energizer bunny of cars. It is a car that would have probably ended up in a scrap yard somewhere because of a few minor issues that cost next to nothing to fix.



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