How to Grow Beautiful Jalapeño's With no Space

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I love Jalapeño’s if it’s for Pico or if I just want to cut some up for me eggs, but I never thought about growing some due to the face I like in a townhome and don’t have much room. I was kind of skeptical when I say the Topsy Turvy Planter, but it actually works great. This hanging planter goes on railings, balconies, walls, or even on doors – it fits wherever you have empty space and plenty of sunlight. Add a touch of greenery to the side of your house and turn a sterile patch into a thriving vertical garden. Growing peppers upside down promotes rapid growth and offers natural protection against weeds. This is a step by step on how to grow beautiful Jalapeño’s by using the Tosy Turvy pepper planter.

The first and obvious thing you need to do is get a Topsy Turvy pepper planter, this one is a little different then the topsy turvy tomato planter do to the pack it has six openings so you can you use a total of 6 plants. You can purchase your pepper planter online or drop in like I did to your local Home Depot.

Your next purchase is going to be your Jalapeño plants. There is six opening so you can get up to six plants. Remember also you don’t need to get all Jalapeño plants you can mix it up. I got 5 Jalapeno plants and a green chili plant.

Your last purchase is potting soil. I chose an organic soil, but this can be your preference.

Now you can put your TT on the group and start placing your plants in the turvy, be careful because it can be difficult to get the plant to go through the holes.

Add soil, you should leave about 2 inches from the top.

Hang, find a nice place where your plant will get sunlight

Water and wait, it took my plants a few months but I am still getting Jalapeño’s into November. Of course I live in AZ where it’s still in the 80’s. But I probably pulled about 50 peppers on in the last month.


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