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While enjoying the hot summer heat, drinking a cold glass of lemonade while relaxing by the pool and flipping through your favorite magazine, why not think about next season’s fashions.

This fall, consider the 60s and 70s Mod style. Think Go-Go boots, simple and straight hair, bright colors, and mini skirts and dresses. The style is simple and clean, but colorful. But colors for autumn are warm toned, in yellows, oranges, browns, lime green, and creams.

-A patent trench coat in a bright color, retro hoop earrings, striped tights or leggings, and flats.

-Hair is parted on the side and combed back into a low ponytail.

-For makeup, the emphasis is on the eyes, with black eyeliner and mascara as well as dark eyeshadow. But the lips are a muted color of nude, heather, pink, or lavender. You can use some white or light blue eye shadow on the brows for an accent. A dark rustic color blush to bring out the cheek bones and contour the face to a chisled look.

-Mini dresses are simple, straight and a-line, worn with a colorful knee high socks and flats or knee high boots. Add some large earrings to make a bold statement and offset the simple clothes so as to not to appear too austere. Rings also have huge rocks, gems or stones. Shoes tend to have some animal print, whether giraffe, leopard, or any other animal print.

-Boots of all length, from booties and ankle boots to knee high, remains the popular fall shoes. Vintage dangling earrings look great with such simple dresses. Add a fake fur coat for cool fall evenings.

-A knit, a-line, sleeveless high-collar mini dress with knit knee high socks and knee high boots. Add a large and round sunglasses for glamour effect.

-A mini shift dress, loafers with heels in a bright color, and dangling earrings. If you want, why not add some ankle socks for a more casual look. Otherwise, sheer hosiery is more elegant.

-A long knit sweater over a mini skirt can be work with dark tights or hosiery and mary-janes with heels. Add some vintage-looking dangling earrings to complete this look.

-Add a fun tote bag with a fun and colorful retro design.


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