Breedlove Guitars

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Musicians cannot produce music that sounds good, unless they have a great quality instrument. A Breedlove Guitar fits the criteria for many modern guitarists. Since they are made with only the best materials available, these are real quality instruments.

They offer two classes of their guitars, the Original and the Revival. Each possesses his own unique features, as well as the same reliable Breedlove quality. Which one a musician chooses depends on exactly what features they desire in their instrument.

The Original series offers bass sides that are longer and thinner. This helps the deep bass notes to more fully resonate. A thicker, shorter treble side provides better resonation for high notes. A system they call the bridge truss, stiffens and relaxes the soundboard to help sustain notes. The winged bridge is pinless and and uses a scalloped bracing to balance the strings.

For great precision on root notes, the Revival series has a graduated thickness. They also help you achieve balance and power, because they are lightweight and make full use of X bracing. They made it easy to do clear chording and flat picking, as that is what they were designed to do. You can really do some powerful and fast playing because of the pinned bridge.

Under each model class there are, of course, different guitars to take under consideration. Guitars aren’t the sole instruments they make, however. You can look through their product line and find ukuleles, basses and mandolins. The companies great dedication to quality goes into each one.

There are several different body shapes and also offer customized options for those who don’t want to purchase a traditional stock guitar. This is excellent should you have specific things they require of their instrument. You can even choose they types of strings you prefer, some of their models are made specifically to use nylon strings.

It is easy for a musician to discover a quality instrument that suits them, when they purchase a Breedlove Guitar. You can browse the different types and find much more information on their website. Each instrument also comes with their limited lifetime warranty, because this company believes in their work.


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