Why And How to be Green

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Being green is everywhere now and then, whether it be school, technology, or anywhere on the Internet, even on the news.
This is because our planet is in danger, losing it’s resources, polluting it’s resources and destroying
ecosystems. different species are dying everyday because we can’t take care of our home.
now ask yourself why don’t you want to be green healthier lifestyle and saving animals. keep that
in mind as you read on.

How to be green

there are many ways to be green, first of all everyone should recycle, it’s something so easy
and helps our planet in many ways. all you’d have to do is put recycling in recycling and garbage in
garbage and recycling in recycling. another popular thing is, try your best not to drive a car.
sometimes you can just walk, bike, or take a subway station. this stop our air from being polluted
which in turn helps our lungs and everything else on our planet. Next thing is saving energy. we can
do this buy not using ah much heat or air conditioning as we do in summer and winter.
you could also use fluorescent bulbs, they lesser amount of watts than other bulbs.
its not preferable because its hard but, you can try and put your washing machine on cold whenever
possible, try to keep electronics out of the trash, and even stop drinking from plastic bottles.
plastic can only be used once and if used many times, is unhealthy. instead use a glass or
buy a reuse-able water bottle so you don’t keep buying.the last and most important thing is,
spread this news to the world and tell them what’s happening in out world.
I’ve only listed a fraction of the endless possibilities to save this world. the least you can do
is do the simple ones.

Thank you for reading my article and Remember, reduce, re-use, recycle


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