How To Get Paid $1,000+ Per Month Online

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If you’re a part of any writer’s site, you probably have heard of those people who make $1,000+ per month and then you have wondered, how in the world do they do that? 

In this quick guide, I will tell you. First of all, if you aren’t a member of, sign up. It will provides a place for you to write down your thoughts. Furthermore, they have a great pay-rate.

This pay-rate is quite good but you won’t make any money unless you get some views. Currently at an index of 3.22, to get $1000 you will need 310,559 views.

That is definitely more views than you will get from just posting a random article every day or two. What you need to do is publish something that will dominate the search engine, and provoke interest amongst the people it is directed towards.

What not to do:

Most guides about maximizing your views tell you to share your articles on Facebook. DON’T BOTHER!! Most of your Facebook friends won’t even see the link because your wall fills up so quickly, and if they do they probably won’t click on it.

Most guides also tell you to randomly advertise your articles in different places. This might get you some views but most people won’t click on it. This is especially true if the article is unrelated to the place where you advertise it.

What to do to help boost views: 

A common thing that people tell you to do is post your article on This tactic actually does give you views sometimes. If you put 100 articles on there, hopefully the odds are that you will publish something that people like and will read. The main problem with Reddit though is that if there is no-one on at the time you are posting the article that actually care about the subject, then your link will be pushed to the bottom of the list and ignored for all eternity. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t post your links on Reddit. It will be worth it if one of your articles gets to the top of the list and gains thousands of views.

Develop a huge community of friends on Bukisa who read your articles whenever you post them. This MIGHT get you a couple hundred views per article.

Best view making method:

Instead of publishing an article then finding a place to advertise it, you must become a part of a community of people who care about that topic and figure out what they are looking for. Usually it helps if it is a small community. Your main mission is to get your article at the top of all the search engines for specific keywords, but still have a ton of people who will actually search for that article. Also, if you become a part of that community then you will know all the right words in your title to provoke interest.


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