Starcraft II Cheat Codes

Starcraft 2 is the sequel to Blizzard’s famous Starcraft Franchise and was the most anticipated game of 2010. The original Starcraft came out 11 years ago. Many players have not played since then and many may also not have been born or were too young to play the first game.

Wings of Liberty also focuses on the Terran storyline, which limits the players’ exposure to Zerg and Protoss gameplay. However, all three races are playable in multiplayer and custom games.

If you are having trouble getting used to the game here are some cheat codes and their effects that can give you some time to explore the tech tree and experiment with some of each race’s unique gameplay and strategies. Blizzard is famous for using references as their cheat codes and they are usually some reference to their other games and other popular media phenomena. 

I do not condone cheating, but if really really needed… use them to experiment

Press “enter” at anytime during the campaign or during a game and type it in the chat box.

(I will continue continue to type in random Blizzard and Media references to try and find new cheats to update this list. So stay Tuned!)

Cheat                                        Effect                                                               Reference

TerribleTerribleDamage                    God Mode                                         Dustin Browder from Blizzcast

WhySoSerious (Hyperion Only)         5,000,000 credits                              The Joker in Dark Knight

IAmIronman                                        Armor  +1                                          Iron Man 

MoreDotsMoreDots                            Remove All Unit Costs                       Crazy WoW guy reference

HanShotFirst                                      Abilities Have No Cooldown               Han Solo Star Wars(?)

Feel free to email and message me if you stumble upon any new ones or know where some of the references actually are.


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