Twitter – Breaking down the barriers between Celeb and us ‘normal’ people?

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I have been on twitter (follow me if you wish – ‘forevermaroon’) for about 2 months now and I am slowly but surely becoming addicted. I am an avid facebook user, which I mainly use to keep in touch with friends and share images. For me twitter offers a whole other dimension of social media. By searching for a celebrity/public figure/idol/hero I can get an insight in to their lives. In the UK we have a controverial TV presentor called Jonathan Ross, he is a well known twitter addict and it is possible to track his life very easily via his twitter feed. I find the ability to communciate with people that we most likely would have no contact whatsoever with otherwise thrilling and have to admit I get a great feeling when one of the celebs I am following responds to one of my messages. Don’t get me wrong now, I am not some celeb stalker and do actually find the ‘Heat’ magazine type society repulsive but twitter allows us to peak in to a celebs’ life as and when they wish.

I wonder if the celebs feel like they are making themselves more human by breaking down the barriers and letting us in to their lives, even though it is on a supericial level? If I was famous I would like the opportunity to show that I am indeed human (a well known and frankly stunning female TV presenter tweeted today claiming that she was having boiler troubles) and go through my day encountering the mundane and repetitive too.

What do you think about twitter? Do you have any celebs that you follow? Would be great to hear your thoughts…


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