Living Room With a Hollywood Theme

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When you think of decorating your room in a Hollywood theme, what is it that you want to highlight in your room the most, is it the stars, movies, fashion, glamour, classic films, beaches, etc.

1. FURNITURE–   A black sectional or black sofa would be great in the family room.  Add Hollywood Star Plush Pillow to your sectional or throw pillows that are gold or silver.

2. Add Hollywood décor, like the clapboard picture frame or film strip picture frame, a director’s chair and oscar statue. Add a film roll border around the room.

3. THE WALLS– Place posters, pictures of your favorite Hollywood stars or posters of your favorite movies on the walls. Even Include film reels on your walls. Look for these décor on Ebay, thrift stores, and other online stores(

You can also frame black and white photos of celebrities.

You can also place a Hollywood mural on one side of your wall in your room. Murals are a great way to highlight the theme of your room. You can place mural of downtown Los Angeles skyline or Find different types of Hollywood murals to choose from at, just enter Hollywood in the search box on the webpage.

4. FLOORS– Red Carpet or red throw rugs.

5. STREET SIGNS– Add Hollywood Street Signs or Beverly Hills Street sign where your fireplace area and mantle is.
You can also frame black and white photos of celebrities. You can even include


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