Once upon a time and till they lived happy ever after… guess these are just mere lovestories found in fairytales. Wonder why people get stuck in these fantasies? Well, cause of the fact that they can’t handle the real world and they would just want to settle for what is created in the mind.

      People who usually live in this world, fairytales, are trap in nostalgic memories they once thought would come to reality. I for instance is a victim of this “happy ever after” ending. I once dream for something that is near to impossible but had lived in it for 23 months. Believing those thoughts would come to a happy ending isn’t such a bad thing. But the greatest pain you could ever imagine or you could ever feel is waking up one day and realizing everything is gone. Your prince had left his damsel  in distress all alone on top of the tower, again, waiting for another knight to come and rescue you from the dragons surrounding the castle. What a frustating event, right? But hey, cheer up. At least you had a chance to live in a fairytale and now, all you have to do is teach your heart to learn from the past and live in reality as well.

      Been there, done that! Don’t want to be that princess again. Was down on the rocks when he left. Was at my worse, been completely a jerk for 7 months. But heck! I stood up and conquered everything. The pain, the memories, the plans in the future, our family, our house, the name of our 2 kids, how we take turns in bringing our children to school, where we will live, when and where we’re going to get marry and HIM..all gone. I hated him and myself for such time. I had cursed myself for doing such a mistake.  I had regret everything that I had done. I never thought he would be such a great loss to me. He was everything that I ever wanted. He was everything that I would want to be with in the future. He was my everything, my life.  He was the only fairytale I lived for 23 months. But now, all gone. I just have to live and let go. But how? What if he’ll come back? What if he’ll want me back? What if it would be him and me after all? Questions that I held for 7 months, hoping we’ll be back in each others arms.

      At one time, someone snapped a finger infront of me and woke me up from this nightmare. It was God. He told me to lift everything all up to Him and i’ll be okay. Guess what, I am now. All because of Him. No more tears and no more hoping. He made it easy for me. If only I drew myself back to Him earlier, I wouldn’t have wasted my life back then.

Fairytales were  taught to us when we were still kids. I just hope it remains there now that we’re all grown ups. 

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