How To Cook Spam

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When I go fishing I don’t leave home without it.

You can have a meal anytime you want.

Its sold in small cans, little cans, and larger portion cans.
I’ve introduced my grandchildren to the world of spam.

Step 1: Fry your spam on a nice hot frying pan. Add fried eggs, some toast, a cup of hot coffee and your living the life.

Step 2: Take your fork, spoon, knife, or whatever and pop open the new style of can and you ready for some fresh tasting food. You kids will learn to like the taste over a period of time. Just keep offering it over and over.

Step 3: I like a spam sandwich with cheese. Add some salad dressing and you have yourself a great tasting breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Step 4: How about a grilled cheese spam sandwich. You’ll love this one. Add some butter to both sides of the bread, melt and brown the bread add cheese and spam mix together and your set to go.

Step 5: Eat your spam like a hamburger, add lettuce tomatoes, onion, pickles, salad dressing, mustard, some hot jalapenos on the side and your good to go.

Step 6; Make up tour own sandwich and eat like a king.

Step 7: Make sure you keep your car, motor-home, travel trailer, motorcycle, and any modes of transportation stocked up with cans of spam.

You’ll never know when your going to get hungry. 




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