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Have you ever dreamed of having a custom or near-custom guitar or bass? The BC Rich Guitar can give you just that. Their guitars are crafted by hand. They will work with you to achieve a custom feel and look. There are several options for getting your bass or guitar and none of them will disappoint you. Go to the website and look at their different shops: Dream Shop, Dream Stock, Icon Shop and Signature Shop. You will love what you see.


The Dream Shop is what it sounds like. A place where you dream up the design and the company makes the guitar. Work with a BC Rich dealer to put your custom designs down into a workable order form and the company will to the rest. Once you have chosen your woods, and other components, you’ve nailed down your look and you’ve placed your order all you need to do is wait a bit. A custom guitar, designed by you may take a little time so don’t plan on ordering this way without having 5 to 6 months to wait.

The Dream Stock guitars are usually in stock. The stock is constantly changing so check often to see what is available. You just might get your dream guitar without having to wait for it to be built. Since all of the BC Rich guitars are handmade, you could end up getting a guitar you didn’t even know you wanted.

Have you any idea a guitarist who has a guitar that you love? Check out the Icon Shop or the Signature Shop. The same high quality in models which were created for your favorite artists are being produced on a limited basis. Check it out and you are therefore bound to find the guitar you’ve always dreamt of. Quantities are limited and are usually readily available. If they aren’t in stock currently, they are in production and it certainly won’t be long for until your choice is in your hands.

Of course, everyone wants the swag that comes with having an amazing guitar or bass. BC Rich doesn’t disappoint here either. From cases for your custom guitar to easy carry bags there is a case to handle your needs. Licensed merchandise includes t-shirts, hats and other cool stuff. Switch plate covers, clocks and a number of other items that will make your music room rock. Check out the licensed merchandise on the BC Rich website.

BC Rich Guitar is the home of high quality, custom made guitars. When you get your instrument in your hand, you will know certainly that your level of play just got better.


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