Majesty 2: Kingmaker

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Majesty 2: Kingmaker

Majesty 2 was immensely likeable feat. Management hire his own kingdom and heroes … who act as self-serving, mercenary bitches which are also, so you pay according to the level chosen will think twice if you arrive somewhere. The original game was a nice slow its increasing difficulty, use your heroes, and in monitoring how the whole machine, you have a nice works. There was a new bow ranger, a warrior’s shield, it was a joy to Old bleach. Now comes with a subtitle Kingmaker expansion and try out of this particular strategy to gain something more.
Heroes are like maidens … the oldest profession.
Majesty 2: Kingmaker has a story, but can not say that it sticks in the memory for longer than the average expectancy of mayflies depressed. Suffice it to maintain that the main opponents appear goblins and their king with the name Grum-Gog. This bit of policy, any, and those gods of war, but it’s still never been. The main thing is just to have his group, in the later stages of military heroes and cheerfully attended to. For those with Majesty 2, the honor. While happily build little houses, the streets of the city riot troops, but the real strength of your community are incredible royal individuals who call themselves heroes. Such a hero, do not be commanded, as we would expect from the RTS. Nah. Hero is needed to motivate any action. And so you slap the flag of the request to the destination (the bear’s lair, defense transportation, etc.) and adding noise, which gets the job done. Well, according to his level and then decide whether it is for this amount. Novices on the first working level in nearly a bowl of rice (read – three hundred gold pieces), but the veterans you up and laugh at. The best part Majesty 2 is always functional microeconomics. When the heroes standing store, they’ll happily spend the pennies you  a potion, armor, etc. Add to this improvement in the heroes guild, forming part, albeit a rather annoying way, and although the original game suffered from excessive inventiveness in terms of building levels, but these to the usual elements could pull from a solid to above average.
Finding an innovator, I pay gold
But the expansion, there is still impossible to play on the same card. And you? According to the authors, unfortunately, yes. The hand we get Ogdoad campaign missions, which you right from the beginning to persuade the two cases. The first is that the expansion is designed for veterans of the original game. The second thing which is clear – these newcomers will be very difficult missions. Since both the original game was pleasantly gradual, though the end was just a small challenge, Kingmaker is a blow to the teeth. Forget a slow starting and building a fief, here you are as hard on the neck from the first moments. Throughout the campaign from the first minutes of the invasion are full of one or other criminals and hectic clicking the guild to guild, from flag to flag, the upgrade to upgrade. In the second half just the slightest bug, to be built on the tower next to a couple centimetres you upload. Difficulty is not a negative aspect, but the negative aspect is what it shows. Excessively hectic gameplay. The forests and plains will be racing through reams of heroes, which is simply not able to find after a while, they even think you have a favorite. One dies, another with a vulture, then maybe it’s time to dig into his life at the cemetery. Unfortunately, due to hectic are enforced by you and some mistakes. There is no problem to have a city under attack from three parties. Estimate the correct digits for the hero, while keeping an overview of where it flows into your shoes, or is it that runs Orcia strength to conquer a bunch of new kids on the waiting buxom earth. And because it is no longer the chief charm of the original game. You do not have time to enjoy anything. Moreover, the game is vicious and sometimes evokes me the times when we as children used to play Dungeons and Dragons. So you succeeded? Bang, I will send you a good bitch, do ya learn.Vyskakují as enemies of the treated areas, if possible, within your fiefs and weighing, this strategy is simply not done.
You have muscles … but it does not mind.
It would not be so irritating if the expansion showed some changes. But that he did not. AI is still the same error. Then we wandered around the trunk, without bothering to open it, and sometimes (unfortunately very often) attack on one enemy and ignores the other three, and feeling a job well done goes home, while getting arrows in the sensitive parts of the back. It’s worse news. In the case of buildings and units to get where I was well calculated for the number 1 Variability of missions? Here we have zero spherical. It just figures, trainees, all carved out. Initially, fun and challenge it later poisoning. Motivation played out to decrease, and the mood as well. Often true that we have, by trial and error, remember what and where you jump. No matter what your strategy is only one way and we can play one mission to be five times as a deus (or rather Diabolus) ex machina pops where he wants. Added multiplayer is definitely a plus, but it’s worse with the map editor. On the three computers that could run it without immediately neporoučel data into hell. So we have to wait for the patch

Majesty 2: Kingmaker your average score should be given mainly by the fact that still contains the essential elements that formed the base game so interesting. Another reason why the assessment is not yet where is that despite the alleged mistakes would not miss it rock fans of the game, which certainly pleased and have already placed a flag somewhere at my apartment. But we can not ignore the fact that innovation is low, both technically and in terms of invention. Group a series of nearly identical missions and artificially raise the difficulty, it is simply not a good sign for expansion.



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