Seven Tips to Help You Navigate Your Cruise

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Tip #1
The hand luggage

In the preparation of your baggage, it is preferable to put some spare clothing in your cabin baggage. The shipment of your baggage on the boat cruises is done by a team of staff. Having regard to the large number of passengers, you must wait a few hours before the deposits you your luggage at the door of your cabin. You’ll love the fact of having lighter clothing, toothbrush and other small items at hand.

Tip #2 The

No one is the shelter of a misfortune. The passport being the official way to identify you, it is recommended to make a copy in case you lost it. The page containing your photo as well as your coordinates will be very useful in this case. It is also a good idea to make two photocopies, to place one in your bag and the other in the bag of your partner of cruise.

Tricks #3
Water to drink

The cruises offer several stopovers that will take you to walk in the city and on the beaches spot. The heat is often an obstacle for some people. When we say heat, we also say thirst. Before leaving your home for a cruise, bring with you two or three bottles of water.

Tip #4

The activities on a boat of cruises are very different from those of a seaside resort on the edge of the beach. If you want to take advantage of all aspects of your cruise, it is recommended to take a little rest at the end of the afternoon before the evening meal. A one-hour sleep where relaxation, lying on the bed, the map ” NOT DISTURB ” hung at the door of your cabin, will make all the difference if you want to enjoy the life that offers a cruise boat.

Tricks #5
The dining room

If you travel in group with friends, the second service to the dining room will make all the difference in the evening meal. Indeed you will have approximately one hour of more for the exchange of good moments of pleasure with your friends, something it will be impossible to do in the first service.

Tricks #6
The food

After a meal at the restaurant, where in the dining room you had the feeling of not having enough benefited from the good things? On a boat cruise it is different. The entry of grilled prawns on the menu you made such… Order in one or two more, it is included in your package travel. The server will a pleasure to respond to your request.

Tip #7
The excursions

When boarding on the boat cruise, you may be requested to buy excursions on the pretext have evaporated they quickly and that there will not for everyone. The cruise company is there to do business. You will find easily the same excursions to more affordable prices once to the earth.


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