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Kama Sutra is a collection of alluring and exotic positions. And no manual on sexual morality. Kama Sutra invites you for a ride on the practice of sexuality, with perspectives on how to live and relate with a partner in a deeper and more meaningful.

Kama sutra term comes from two Sanskrit words, and the Kama Sutra. Kama means desire or intent, generally is used to refer to the pleasure and love. When used as its own, word of the Hindu god Kama means love. Sutra, on the other hand, is a standard term used to refer to technical manuscripts.

Kama Sutra was not ever meant to be a guide on the art of love for the masses and no manual Tantric love. Vatsyayana’s Kama Sutra has been used primarily to provide perspective on the interaction between men and women.

What does the Kama Sutra

 –  introduction, which talks about three goals and priorities of life on the Kama Sutra;

 –  a section on sexual union which describes different types of hug, comfort, kissing and sexual positions;

 –  a section on how to conquer a woman to accept to be your wife, forms of marriage   and other similar matters;

 –  a section about the wife’s behavior;

 –  a section addressing the behavior of men and women;

 –  a section with guidelines for courtesans;

 –  and a section containing advice on improving physical attractiveness.

Do it like in the Kama Sutra

Kama Sutra speaks not only about sexual pleasure, but also about the sensory. It describes how a woman should bathe and smell before sexual encounter. Tells how a man should look and touch a woman, how to excite and how to make him want. We even talk about the sounds that should get them out while you have sex.

There is no other “bible” with more information about how to be sexually close to what is Kama Sutra.

Kama Sutra teaches us how to be united with our partners on a spiritual level. Level sex comes only after we are united spiritually. Kama Sutra teaches us how to love us right person.

“Kama means to enjoy the things that makes you enjoy the five senses – hearing, sight, taste, smell and touch – in communion with the soul. Kama is the fact that special kind of pleasure we experience when the object of our desires . “

If you did the calculations, yes, the Kama Sutra you take some more time in the bedroom. Couples who complain that they are safe for now give their eyes and say in mind “No, thanks.” Remember though that good sex offers you and really needed a dose relationship energy. Plus 10 or 15 minutes will make you give love another qualifying party.

One of the library?

You may ask – if so great Kama sutra – why are not more people to take capacity card right? Well, if you read the translated version of the Kama Sutra authentic, you’ll find deadly dull. I mentioned that is also complicated? Vatsyayana uses many euphemisms that are not familiar with our Western sensitivities. It’s just intimidating.

So if you want to try to discover the mysteries of the Kama Sutra, I recommend a customized version of Deepak Chopra and Anne Johnson. 


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