Even Barbers do Charitable Work

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My son, Josh, who is a barber and works at Wayne Helm’s Barber Shop on Kanuga, volunteered his time to cut the entire East Henderson High School JV baseball team’s hair. This was an impromptu decision by the team to share their love and respect for one of the team members mother who has recently been diagnosed with cancer. It took Josh about 2 and a half hours to do this because he took the extra time and care to cut a portion of each members hair in the shape of the ribbon you often see worn by those honoring cancer victims and survivors. I thought this was a wonderful gesture by this team of young men and “jocks” who are not expected to be sensitive or caring and to me was an indication of their character and training.

The local media did an article and it was even on the front page. Needless to say, I was a proud daddy to see my youngest son’s picture in our morning paper. This week something happened as a result of that gesture of good will that I am equally as proud. Seems there was a lady who I do not know had a bet with her husband.She bet her husband she could raise $1000 for Relay for Life before he could and and challenged him to meet or beat the donation; if he did, then she would shave her head. I’m sure she did not think he would take here up on this whimsical bet but it wasn’t long before he proudly announced to her that he had raised $1300 at his place of business and for her to get the shears ready.

Well in the final count a total of $4300 was raised. More good news, corporate matching of $1 for every $1 raised also came into play so the final donation raised by the couple came to a whopping $8600 for this great charity. This lady had her head shaved at work this week to honor her bet and she came by Wayne’s Barber Shop that afternoon to visit with Josh and is now sporting a terrific stylish ribbon of hair in the same shape the baseball team received two weeks ago on the back of her head. She had seen and read the earlier article and wanted to have the same ribbon cut into her remaining short hair hair. My heart goes out to all those who have cancer and to those who are survivors. It’s stories like this one and the countless others across America that hopefully one day will aid in the finding of a cure.

Whoever your are, Lady, God bless you, you did well! Josh, your daddy is mighty proud of you as well.http://s2.hubimg.com/u/3159165_f520.jpg



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