How to Write Creatively

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I have been a writer for as long as I can remember. Probably because I was introduced to reading books early on in life, courtesy of my father. He is a voracious reader. He wanted to instill in me the value of reading books at an early age, around five or six years old. And boy, did I do a lot of reading growing up!

In hindsight, I believe that my habit of reading books aided me in cultivating a fertile imagination. It also inculcates the value of self-expression and love of words. These are the very things that a writer must acquire.

Reading books is truly a great way to develop an active imagination. It also develops the vocabulary.

Of course, in order to become a writer, one must write daily. Practice makes perfect so they say. After writing continuously for more than ten years now, writing becomes automatic for me.

So if you want to write then read books. And, writing creatively will not be far behind.

creative writing relies to a large extent on imagination as opposed to the more intellectually-stimulating exercise required in technical writing, professional writing or journalistic writing.

The following falls under creative writing: Fiction, Drama, Autobiography, Poetry, Screen writing and those that combine these writings.

* Fiction – these are works that are based on writer’s imagination. These are not based on facts.
* Drama – this pertains to stories written for actors such as stage plays.
* Autobiography – this is the real life story of the writer.
* Poetry – makes use of words for aesthetic purposes.
* Screenwriting – writing for films or movies.

Creative Writing often explores writer’s feelings and thoughts not just writing facts.


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