Type Two Diabetes And Heart Disease

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It is no secret that high blood sugar causes damage throughout the body. The nervous system, extremities, eyes and every major organ are affected. Most people think of amputations as the most common diabetic complication. Indeed, amputations are common for diabetics. However, most people with diabetes end up dyeing from heart disease.

People with diabetes also tend to have high lipids and high cholesterol both of which are major risk factors for heart disease. As high levels of blood sugar damage blood vessels the flow of blood to the heart become restricted. High levels of lipids and cholesterol will further restrict blood vessels. Controlling blood sugar levels is not enough, the lipids and cholesterol must also be treated. Diet and exercise are important to controlling diabetes as well as high lipids and high Cholesterol, but your doctor may also want to prescribe drug treatment.

Controlling diabetes and heart disease will be a joint effort between you and your doctor. It will involve hard work you must stay vigilant to be successful. Proper treatment can keep you healthy for a long time. Obviously, the longer you stay healthy the more successful your treatment plan is.

Eventually the disease will take its toll, there is no cure for diabetes but there is no cure for old age either. You can live with diabetes for a long time if it is treated properly, the same holds true for heart disease. Work hard to stay in shape, keep your weight under control, eat the right diet and you will add years on to your life even with diabetes by delaying the onset of heart disease and other complications.


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