Going Green Can Benefit Both The Employer And The Employee

The term “going green” used to imply radical extremists going to any length to save a forest or further some environmental cause. Today, however the term represents more main stream efforts by everyday people, businesses and government to come up with sensible solutions to everyday problems that affect our environment. Individual awareness has grown regarding how behavior effects our surrounding environment. This awareness has found its way into the business world in a big way and government at all levels is encouraging positive environmental changes everywhere.

Businesses are giving serious thought to how they can “go green” and increase efficiency and productivity. Modern technology plays a big part in the effort to improve efficiency and productivity while at the same time leaving a much smaller environmental footprint. Take for example how professionals in service industries can work from a home office a good bit of the time using the internet, web conferencing cell phone communication to get their work done without having to travel to the office or across country to meetings etc. Using modern technology in this manner is a win win situation. It saves the company money by cutting overhead and expenses, increases productivity and efficiency, and helps saves the environment by cutting the use of cars and planes and thus green house gas pollutants. It allows employees to enjoy a more balanced less stressed lifestyle.

Professions such as Law, Accounting, Sales, Management and Consulting even Government can easily adapt to and take advantage of these work strategies. Take for example large accounting/consulting firms; their professional staff employees do not have desks or cubicles in the office. When they are not working on site at a client they work from home, if they have at meeting at the office they must schedule space ahead of time. Management wants them in the field working or at home working, with no need to spend money or time commuting to the office.

This leads to a more relaxed and lower stress lifestyle for the employee, saves them money and allows more time and flexibility at home and hopefully enhances health as well, which will lead to lower health care costs.

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