Diet And Exercise or Diet Pills

Why exercise and eat right when you can simply take diet pills to lose unwanted weight? But do diet pills really work? Can they help you lose weight in a safe and healthy way just like diet and exercise? Let’s take a look at how diet pills work.

There are a wide variety of diet pills on the market, there are prescription diet pills, over the counter diet pills and even herbal supplements. Over the years some diet pills have been known to have negative health effects some are even known to cause heart problems and may even have caused some deaths. Prescription diet pills are tightly controlled and monitored by the prescribing physician. These drugs are obviously powerful and because of side effects are more closely regulated. Prescription diet pills would be used in extreme cases where a patient needs to lose weight but can’t with diet and exercise and the risks of excess weight outweigh the risks of the medication.

Diet pills that are herbal supplements are regulated but in a different way than prescription drugs, they are regulated as food. Since there ingredients are all natural they are considered food with no side effects. Herbal supplements are easily obtained in drug stores over the counter, that is, without a prescription from a doctor. Herbal supplements may help you lose weight but their effects are short term and as soon as you stop using them the effects wear off.

Other over the counter diet pills contain substances that may curb your appetite temporarily but have no lasting effect. These type products usually have a large dose of caffeine in them which will keep you awake and might make you jittery. Usually, people who use these eat more when the pill wears off and make up for what they did not eat when the pill was in effect. There really is no substitute for diet and exercise in a weight lose program.
When you are on a sensible diet you are changing you’re eating habits and consuming the correct amount of calories to obtain the desired weight. You are training your mind and your body to eat properly. Also, when exercising you are helping your body use the food you consume properly as well as building strong muscles and a strong heart and lungs. The diet pills cannot do that for you so even if you lose weight on diet pills you do not get the benefits of proper nutrition and exercise.

The best way to lose weight and to keep it off is to join a gym, exercise on regular bases, have a trainer show you a routine to help lose weight and tone muscle and start a sensible diet which you could get from your doctor. It is really that simple, it just takes a little discipline.

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