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“make money online”this phrases would probably be the most searched item in all search engines. Everyone who have a net connection wants to earn a few extra bucks online. So is it possible to earn money online ? and the answer is resounding yes. There are lot of legit ways to make money online some will work for you others will not. So you need a lot of patience to make money online. Some of the most legit ways to make money online are

1>Writing articles for sites like bukisa , xomba , infobarrel and hubpages
2>Selling articles in constant-content and dailytips can earn you few hundred dollars online
3>Selling ebooks is the most profitable way of making money online. You can sell ebooks on sites like lulu , smashwords, youpublish and so on.
4>Blogging is the most common way of making money online but unfortunately 90% of bloggers have failed to earn any money from their blogs
5>Clickbank is the biggest and most used affiliate network. making money from clickbank is a two way process you can make money either being a affiliate or a vendor.
6>ebay has made people rich and is continuing to make people rich.The ebay drop shipping business can earn you a full time income but the risks associated with it is simply immense.
7>Sell your services on marketplaces like fiverr. If you are good at doing something like image editing then you can earn a quite a amount of money on fiverr.
8>Freelance jobs can be found at sites like elance and freelancer. You can bid on projects you want to wok on and many people make a comfortable living online as a freelancer.
9>There are also absolute unusual ways to earn money online like pickydomains and readbud
10>Letterrep is another easy way of earning money. You can make money simply writing letters and selling it.
11>Today the value of suggestion and opinions is much appreciated and sites like epinions give users money for sharing their opinions
12>writing reviews is another famous way of making few extra bucks online. Shvoong pays 10% of revenue on your reviews whereas payperpost pays you for writing a review on your blog.
13>selling digital products in sites like tradebit , payloadz and e-junkie can earn you quite a amount of money.
14>Adsense is the most popular way of monetizing a blog or a website .If you have a site with good amount of traffic then making money with adsense would be not that tough .

With the methods of making money online is growing day be day so are the online scams . Scams are everywhere and specially in the make money online segment. You have to clever to dodge those scams and to move forward.

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