Easy Steps to Improve Your Hitting!

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Are you having trouble hitting and making the linedrives you need to? Or are you even making contact with the ball at all? Well whatever  your problem is, I can help you through it with these 3 easy things you could do that helps with anything your doing. So i encourage you to use these or just try these simple steps that could improve your hitting tramadically.

Alright so the first thing you should do everytime you come up to the plate is make sure the thickest part of the bat is perfectly over thhe plate. This improves your chances to at least make contact with the ball. When you hit the ball in the “sweet spot” you really wont feel the ball come off the bat and i guarabtee you it will go farther than you have hit before.

Alright so there was one of the many things that can help you improve you hitting, here is another one. This is a really important thing to do before you go up to bat. Watch the pitcher and while he is warming up, Swing when the ball reaches the plate or act like you are up there hitting it and swing. This helps so much. Everytime you are up to bat always watch you pitcher and get your timing down.

Alright so here a the last and final step to improve your hitting. Now some of us like the faster pitchers because they don’t want to wait on the slower pitchers. But then again some people like the slow ones. But this is what i recomend for everyone. If you see the pitcher throwing pretty slow then when you get up in the batters box, scoot all the way up and spread your feet wide. This will help you wait on the ball. But if you see the pitcher is throwing a little to fast for your taste, then scoot back in the batters box and this will give you few seconds extra to catch up with the ball so that you can at least try to make contact.

Now I hope that this has helped many of you and for more great tips and programs you can sign up for click here for my personal  blog and i will help you 1on1.



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