Forbidden Planet

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In 2200 astronauts landing in a distant planetary system, where they search for survivors from the previous space expeditions. You will find a scientist from Earth (Walter Pidgeon), who armed himself with knowledge of long-forgotten civilization. He lives there with his beautiful daughter (Anne Francis) and the phenomenal robot. The planet hides a terrible secret and …

Robby the robot is awful wood and Altair can not kiss. Well, we pretty starts … Oh no, Robby is a boffin, Altair – that‘s how we end – and this film is just great! Today polozapomenutá sci-fi classic, tip called Golden Age of Hollywood sci-fi 50‘s, the other of its genre peers then the above two heads. The story follows a space voyage, passengers on a planet inhabited by scientists from previous expeditions. On the site will find one who survived – and unexpected storm Dr.Morbiuse mysterious alien creature story culminates nicely. Místama scenario is also very funny, especially the scene where one of the crew members learn to kiss Morbius’s daughter, who until then saw another man other than her father. Interiors, especially inside the scientist‘s house, full of fantasy, and all those hejblátka and devices. And also the home Robby the robot, even if it worked for me so clumsy impression that I would not trust him or delivery of the trash bin. True, there are also some weak points. Landing on the planet with komíhajícím the Dream is a bit edwůdovské “is too obviously designed studio and filmmakers apparently resigned to display weather conditions on the planet, no wind or atmospheric features. Laser beams shooting works funny dashed rays, exactly the same as in my childhood comicsových creations. Otherwise, they are but tricks of its time an excellent and unexpected insight into an alien machine to me almost breathless. And the best thing in the end – totally ulítlý soundtrack, a kind of ambient electronic noises areas that stretch the entire movie and evoke the right atmosphere scifiodní. In sum, another of the jewels in my collection of old scifáren. And Altair? It‘s really a cat, but kissing is really left: o)


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