Advice For Singles Trying to Meet Their Match

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The first tip for male singles is, you must be very skilled in being able to speak the language of single women. For that matter you just need to be very social with many different types of people.

They have a quieter, gentler, more poetic way of speaking about things, (in most cases), or this is the way many of them wish to be spoken to, especially concerning things of an intimate nature.

Nothing sleazy and serious, joking is fine, you don’t want her to think your’e not interested, but you want to tease her and flirt with her, while slightly putting her down, and making her laugh at the same time.

What single girls need to know about single guys, is if you are attractive and only show a slight interest, they will want you but you need to make it very obvious you have that slight interest.

Otherwise, you will need to form a friendship with them when they are not on the prowl and hope that works. If you are very attractive, pick your guy anything is likely to work so long as you can keep him under control in the relationship.

Power is constantly an issue in the relationship. It’s about who is more in love with who, as well as the battle single men face dealing with equality and feminism as the dominant sex, in animal terms.

The key is to try and keep things slightly in your favour by acting a little nonchalant. Do romantic things (or sexy things) for the other person just don’t act too needy for love yourself.

Work out between you exactly where the line in the sand is and hopefully your battles will cease and the relationship will last. The truth is there are lots of hurdles in any relationship, so don’t give up straight away unless you have to.




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