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So far, I have about thirty referrals on Bukisa, and two of them have started to write a lot of articles. I make links to them every now and then, to improve their Google rating.

Link weight is a complicated thing to understand, but it goes a little like this. If you make a link to another site, the link weight on your site is transferred to the other one, from whatever article or site you are linking from, divided by how many links are made.

You can check out another article of mine that explains link weight, but what I want to focus on in this article, is that if you have a downline of referrals, you should probably make a few easy links to them, especially to their most successful articles.

A little bit of extra link weight, and traffic, can mean the difference between an article being on the second page of a Google search, and the first.

If you make links to your referral’s articles, and they make links to them as well, you double the potential link weight, and make more money together.

It may take you a few minutes to make a few links, but when you are earning a 25% commission on their articles, it is worth it.

If you take a look at content statistics, you might see that around 20% of traffic comes from places like Stumble Upon, and other social bookmarking sites. If not, you aren’t linking enough. You can download a free browser add-on called share this, which makes it easy to make links quickly.

I want to make a quick link to my most successful referrals: dtrance, and ary vidiantono. Together, they have written enough articles so far, to earn me about a dollar a month residual income. Growing all the time hopefully.

If you are out there guys, stay in contact, and let me know what your most successful articles are. Anyway, if you haven’t joined Bukisa, then you can join as my referral at the end of the article.

Bukisa pays $3.22 US per thousand clicks, and has a three level referral program, 25%, 5% and 1%, of your referral’s article earnings.



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