Pirates Of The Modern World. They Don't Have Ship, They Have Shift


            As we all know, software is being pirated nowadays. Well, Windows as an operating system is the no. 1 software being pirated in the world. Now, where in the “modern technology”, many programmers were abusing software by pirating it and sell it on people that have no idea in software license and agreement. People having a pirated copies maybe arrested for illegal crime. Buying original copies is for you being licensed and it is free of copy for back-up purposes and it is not legal for you to share copies into your friends or colleagues.

For now, we all know that software policy can’t be stop and many people are being encouraged pirating software to avoid costing money for original copies. In software piracy, people can have licensed user duplication for the unlicensed user. Piracy of software educate students how to pirate software and avail it for free. It is an illegal distribution not even in CD’s even in internet it is scattered over the blogs and websites. Software piracy knows as “copying and using licensed software of another person” is giving headaches in big companies by reducing its financial support and funds. As we all know, having pirated software is okay but companies with this software have the rights to arrest people with pirated software. One of the solution that companies have made are write protecting software CD have failed because of people having intelligent in hacking the sources also having other ways how to use software without buying any original or pirated CD but by downloading it in the internet. It is being promoted to countries over the world. Piracy is illegal contribution of copies of original copies. Software is program being pirated is like the original copy but not being licensed. We don’t promote piracy but we are encouraged using it

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