Zemanta: What is It, And How Can it Help me Write Faster Articles?

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So, you’ve just written your brilliant blog post, and are about to post it. Great! But first comes the hassle – you need to make it more appealing and attract and audience by adding tags or keywords, spicing it up with a generic picture or two and linking to similar articles. You’re drained from writing your soon-to-be award winning post, and can’t be bothered with the all the additional work you need to do to promote it. So, wouldn’t a tool that did this for you be great?

Enter Zemanta. Zemanta  claims to be a tool that gives you tips and advice, suggests related content and pictures and makes sure your posts get promoted as they deserve to be.After installing Zemanta from their website, you can quickly and easily improve your blog posts. In fact, you’ve probably already used it: Bukisa uses Zemanta to suggest keywords and thumbnails for your posts – just look at the bottom of your page next time you write an article!

 Zemanta for your blog works in much the same way – after installing it, Zemanta toolboxes appear nearby when you compose an article. One box allows you to generate keywords based on your article, and all you need to do is click to add them as tags. The “Content  Recommendation” box suggests images related to your article, to help make it look more appealing with little effort. These pictures even insert themselves with tags showing their origin, avoiding copyright issues. Under the suggested images, Zemanta also suggests related articles. You can add these articles to the end of your post with the click of a button – these make your article appear more thorough, and give the reader more information.

But Zemanta can also help you promote your blogs, and your friends! You can add to the “My sources” panel to include your own work, or the work of your friends. It is simple to add the RSS feeds of your friends blogs, or to even import a list of all the blogs you follow. You can also add your own blog, as well as sites – such as Flickr to add your own pictures, or social networking sites. Using this feature, you can customise the links Zemanta offers you, easily posting related pictures and articles you or your friends have written to your own posts.

Zemanta supports a range of common writing platforms:

If you’ve found this article convincing, why not give Zemanta a try?

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