Sydney Experience: Bars and Pubs

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Having lived in Sydney for a year and a half, I cannot claim to have been to every club and pub this city has to offer. I’m neither a big drinker, nor am I considered to be an expert when it comes to the Sydney bar scene. However, here’s a list of bars and pubs that I have been actually to and would recommend to my fellow expats and tourists alike.

Opera Bar. This may be a blinding flash of the obvious, as the Opera Bar is located just towards the lower concourse of Sydney’s most iconic symbol. However, the views of the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House are even more spectacular as you enjoy it with a glass of wine. They have an extensive selection of wines and offer local and imported beer as well. The Opera Bar is open from 11:30am every day till late, with live entertainment on the weekends.

Establishment. Sydney is a city crawling with beautiful men and women, and if romance with Sydneysiders is what you’re after, then Establishment is the place to be. The flirtatious vibe in the atmosphere is almost palpable, with every pick up line known to man given a go here. Establishment is merely a piece of a whole complex of bars, clubs and a hotel, and for more quiet conversations, check out Hemmesphere on the fourth level. Drinks tend to be a tad pricier, but not if you do manage to snag a suit willing to pay for those cosmos. Establishment is located at 252 George Street and is open from 11am till late on Mondays to Fridays and 6pm till late on Saturdays.

Three Wise Monkeys. If you’re itching for the pub experience, look no further than the Three Wise Monkeys. Situated on the corner of George and Liverpool Street, this pub offers live entertainment every night, with a wide range of bar food, including the good old traditional meat pie (a must try for every one). The Three Wise Monkeys features three levels each with a unique bar to suit your taste.  The pub is open from10am till late everyday (and when I say late, I mean really late, I’ve seen people streaming out of this place during the wee hours of the morning).

Cargo Bar. Situated overlooking the Sydney Harbour, some people can call Cargo Bar a romantic venue, as you watch the sunset with the cool breeze just tickling your face while you sip your glass of martini. But this is just during the weekdays. When Friday and Saturday come, the bar morphs into a superb party zone, with DJs pumping the air and partygoers go dancing all night long. Cargo Bar is one of the hottest night spots in the city, so make sure you muster up all the energy you can get before hitting this bar. Trust me, you’d be crawling your way home after a night out in Cargo with your friends.

Sydney is just teeming with bars and clubs to suit every person’s needs. Don’t just take my word for it. Experience all the night life wonders this city has in store for you. I’ll be keeping this in mind on my next night out in the city.


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