Review of Skip Beat! Episode 19 – The Last Ritual

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(Note : If you’d like to watch Skip Beat! Episode 19 The Last Ritual, you can see it at AnimeCrazy or CrunchyRoll)

In Skip Beat! Episode 19, we begin with Kyoko attempting to overcome her hatred for Sho so she can complete her acting assignment. She finds it difficult to see Sho as the lover of her best friend, and has been sent away from the set to cool her head while the other scenes are filmed.

As she waits in the green room, she calls both Moko and Ren. Neither answer and she leaves a message for both. Moko quickly returns her call and they discuss the the premise of the shoot. Kyoko is given a new perspective, which allows her to complete the shoot without fail.

However, during the shoot, Ren listens to his messages and hurriedly return Kyoko’s call. This alarms his manager, Yashiro, who has never seen Ren immediately return a phone call during work. Unfortunately, Ren does not speak to Kyoko until nearly the end of the episode, and his appearance is limited for a second episode in a row.

This episode delves deeper into the feelings that have emerged between both Kyoko and Ren, as well as the love for her that Sho had pushed to the side for so long. Kyoko exhibits a small amount of jealousy toward Mimori for the open affection Sho offers the other girl when she cries.

Kyoko makes a major breakthrough in her development as an actor, as she learns to overcome her hatred of Sho and instead lean upon the friendship of Moko. Sho appears to be learning from the mistakes he made with Kyoko in dealing with Mimori, but still is unable to move past his feelings for his previous girlfriend.

The Last Ritual moves away from parallels to contemporary media, and returns to the realm of romantic comedy as the music video shoot winds to a close.


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