How to Meet A Girl

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Meeting the Girl.

There are a lot of ways to meet a girl. You could be walking down the street and see someone that you are attracted to. It could happen when you are at a bar or nightclub. A friend could introduce you two to each other.

Whatever the case you need to show a little bit of confidence(no matter how fake) when you meet a girl. Don’t be over confident and brag a lot, just make sure you are confident enough to say “hello” and begin conversation.

Once you have the confidence and meet a girl in however way you please. The first step is an introduction. During the introduction it is important to smile and look at her eyes. Do not stare at her assets!! This means to the girl you are only in it for a certain something. Once you have made eye contact(which should only take .2 seconds) you have a choice to make using your own self judgment (since each girl is different). If this girl looks very professional reach out and shake her hand, saying your name and making sure to keep eye contact. However, if you are feeling particularly brave, I personally and strongly recommend doing something that has been completely forgotten in todays world. When you reach out for a hand shake bend down with her hand and give it a kiss. YES Kiss her hand. I know kissing on the first date isn’t allowed and all BUT this is extremely gentlemanly and charming.

If all goes well with step 2 a conversation will arise. In this conversation it is important not to talk her ear off and tell her your life story. However, you should make the conversation interesting and something she will remember. Don’t talk about wild escapades in your younger years or a great time you had one day way back when, but bring up something easy to talk about such as music or food (everyones guilty pleasure is food). Try to get to know her a little bit.

Make sure the conversation does not last too long. I recommend roughly 10 minutes. If everything has or is going well during that conversation do not be afraid to ask to see her again sometime soon. Keep it simple. Ask her to go get a cup of coffee or take her to a little restaurant you may know of. Ask in an almost shy tone “You wouldn’t like to get a cup of coffee sometime, would you?” This shows her that you would like to continue talking to her, and shows almost a school boy type of nervousness about asking her on a mini date. Its cute, I don’t know why, but girls really like it.

If she says yes you two can exchange numbers and figure out when you should go out on your mini date. If she does not say yes, do not worry about it. Chances are she was not really worth your time anyways if she flat out says no (unless theres a boyfriend or husband in the picture). Do not lose hope over it, there are after all plenty of fish in the sea.


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