Things Not To Do After Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid Surgery and Blepharoplasty are common terms for minor operation which removes excess skin that gets accumulated on the upper as well as lower eyelids.

Now, let us examine what not to do after eyelid surgery.

  1. Can I wear my contact lenses after eyelid surgery?

A.  Wearing contact lenses makes eyes dry, so it is a good practice to avoid contact lenses for at least a week.

      2.   Can I shower or wash my hair after eyelid surgery?

     A.    Going water directly into the eyes should be avoided. Getting eyelid area wet is fine.

     3. Can I drive home after eyelid surgery?

    A.    Ointment will be present on the eyelids, so it is a good practice to avoid driving home.

     4. Can I use the Computer?

     A.  Watching Computer screen dry up the eyes, so avoid using computer.

     5. Can I do Exercise?

   A   Normal exercise can be done, but rigorous exercises should be avoided such as bending, lifting and rigorous sports.

     6.  Can I watch Television?

    A.Watching Television should be avoided.

     7.Can I read Books?

    A. Reading books should be avoided to avoid further complications.

People who go through eyelid surgery may have a difficult time during the recovery period. The bruises and swelling may remain for a long time. One should remember that these bruises will subside with time, leading to healthy, young and good looking eyes.

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