Sleeping is an Art

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Sleeping is an art, and many people don’t know how to get good sleep. Don’t laugh. I am not joking. I am telling seriously. Up course, falling asleep during night hours is becoming a serious problem for many, and millions of people struggle with falling and staying asleep.

Sleep is vital to our health, and our body needs sleep to replenish mental and physical energy. Without proper sleep, our body is unable to fight off disease. Our immune system becomes weak.

Sleep deprivation leads to serious mental and physical impairment, and will not be able to deal with situations that require alertness and thinking. Brain does not function as well with a lack of sleep. Solving problems and dealing with stress is much harder when deprived of sleep. It may cause  serious health related problems like heart disease, depression, hypertension, tremors and stammers. It could trigger a hormone deficiency which may experience drastic weight changes.

There are so many reasons for falling asleep. Many people suffer from sleep disorders due to the high-faced lifestyle they lead. Some people work so long and hard that their sleep patterns suffer. Old age may be another reason for sleep disorder.
Here are some valuable tips for you which may helps to get good sleep.

·         Keep your room clean, and make it soundproof.

·         Adjust the lights in the room to your comfortable level.

·         Buy a decent mattress, and make sure you have a comfortable bed.

·         Get yourself ready for sleep by relaxing a few hours before bedtime. Take a warm bath, brush your teeth, drink a glass of warm milk; add a teaspoon of honey, if you like.

·         Loosen any tight restrictive clothing.

·         If you feel uncomfortable with any way on the bed, correct it immediately.

·         If you are still having trouble in getting sleep, try a deep breathing exercise. Get up and move, if you haven’t gotten to sleep for the past 15-20 minutes. Read a book, or write something, or listen soft music and later get back in bed.

Don’t neglect sleep disorders. Try to solve it as quickly as possible. Otherwise it may become bigger problem in future. More importantly, be active during daytime. Activity stimulates all sorts of hormones and consumes physical energy. If you stay inactive, you do not deplete your physical energy. In turn, this may cause your body not to require sleep and prevent you from falling asleep.


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