What Not to Wear to a Job Interview

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What not to wear to a job interview
by Todd Daigneault
Very casual clothes, like jeans, T-shirts, shirts with cute, hip, Hollywood and music logos should never be worn, as they convey huge subliminal and non-subliminal messages to hiring personne;. Even if one is intelligent, very capable and a hard worker, very casual clothes are going to scream job disinterest. Additionally, even if you are wearing proper clothes, tailored to the specific job you are interviewing for, and they smell from not being washed, it’s going to be noticed. First impressions are very critical to a very busy manager, owner or Human Resources hiring personnel.

They deal with many prospective employees during the weeks’ working hours, and can base their decision on clothes worn, smells from the, stains on them-directing their gaze especially hard at aspects of your physical body-and then much harder questions-with more decptive angles. In other words, they may purposely flex or elsewise manipulate the questioning. Check your clothes, yes. But also scrutinize the personal grooming that goes with it. For even if you are appropriately dressed, smells, stains and even pieces of food are going to stick out like a sore thumb. Especially more, if they are framed against otherwise bad clothes. These will speak volumes if the clothes are out of synch with the prospective employer’s expectations.

Grooming and personal care should also entail deodorant, mouthwash. But non-existent on cologne or perfumes, for people can be allergic, or even find such scents overwhelming, especially in an enclosed office. Even if one is nicely dressed, overwhelming scents are going to take away from that reality. With lax, poorly coordinated, or totally inappropriate clothing-many times more. A possible employee does not need problems before they’ve even put their best foot forward to somebody hiring. Clothes, personal grooming and all types of scents speak immense volumes about who you ar, what you plan to do and where you are heading to a potential boss or bosses.

Also, avoid very seductive, low cut or body part, enhancing clothes. Showing overt sexuality through your clothing innuendos, be you a man or a woman, can deeply hurt your chances of getting that job. Being too sexual in your clothing shows a hirer that it’s all about you-your body, form and sexuality. In other words, a message can be conveyed that one doesn’t give a damn about the job and is there to get a paycheck…and possibly even a date. Many employers are nervous about overt displays of sexuality through revealing and very body hugging clothes.

For a woman, that may also include not wearing a bra and displaying her cleavage to all to see-with its sinister connotations of lack of professionalism, a work ethic and even acting inappropriately on the job, through sexual advances on co-workers and customers alike. In an era of many workplaced-based allegations, lawsuits and outright dismissals of employees over inappropriate behavior, not going to your interview in a really revealinfg outfit just increased your chances of getting the job many times. This also applies to men as well.
Dress for work-not your life on your own time.


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