10 Health Foods: How to Eat Right Facts

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10 Health Foods: How to Eat Right Facts

1. You can prevent liver cancer by drinking coffee. Two cups per day may just be enough antioxidant to save you.

2. You can lower your risk for endometrial cancer by eating more fiber – aside from keeping you full. About the amount of one cup of raspberries is enough to fend off the disease.

3. You can fight the flu and reduce getting ulcers by eating or drinking more fresh cranberries – aside from keeping urinary tract infections (UTIs) in check.

4. You can get your daily dose of healthy omega3’s even if you hate fish – get it from eggs (Eggland’s Best). Also from MEG-3 enriched foods like Tropicana OJ.

5. You can still gain weight even if you’re a vegetarian. If this is a problem with you, try eating more protein to make you feel full longer hence eat less. Tofu and beans are great sources. You might as well at cheese at a minimum – it’s a high cal vegetarian food. Also stay away from empty calories such as fries and cookies.

6. You can trim your waist and lose weight by eating two eggs for breakfast, instead of having a bagel with equal calories. The eggs will keep your satiety so you’ll eat less all day.

7. You can burn more fats than you should by eating salmon. It has properties that make your body lose fat faster while exercising. Plus, it improves endurance.

8. You can boost your iron intake by pairing (non-meat) iron-rich foods with Vitamin-C. Eat spinach, nuts, kidney beans, pumpkin seeds, and/or fortified cereals with citrus fruits, strawberries, or bell peppers. This eating habit is good especially if you don’t eat red meat.

9. You can loosen emotional and/or physical stress by eating pistachios. These nuts are also proven to lower blood pressure.

10. You can benefit from eating cherries, if you worry about bulges and diabetes. It digests fat and sugar better. Try taking it for three months straight.

Eating the mentioned health foods and observing these eat right habits are sure to give you better health in the long run. Just make sure to keep it regular and you’re sure to reap the benefits.

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