The Little Things Add Up in Weight Loss

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Here are the little things that make the biggest difference in weight loss.

When you go to the mall, restaurant, or grocery store park a little further away than normal. The extra walk provides you with that much more exercise a day. Remember its the little things.

Instead of eating those two pieces of pizza for lunch eat a salad. Start slow. Do not try to replace every single one of your meals a day with salad but that one meal should help to start make a difference.

Soda is bad. Try not to drink it. Replace it with Water. Try not to drink sodas or Gatorade. There is a lot of sugar in these drinks. Try replacing them with water. If you are sick of drinking just water try adding Crystal Light to the water. It comes in a variety of flavors and for almost no calories or sugar is a good addition to water. It also taste good.

At major meals try to eat vegetables and fruits before you move to your main dish. These should fill you up a little quicker and are healthier than your main dish most of the time.

Riding the bike is a great form of exercise. Exercise as much as you can!!! Even if this is just a ten minute walk during your break or going as far to ride your bike to work instead of driving (not a bad idea considering gas prices). The more exercise you can get the better.


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