How to Make a Photo Frame at Home

Many emotions are embedded in the things made with the hand. A handmade thing is not only an object but a symbol of love, beauty, care and art. Precious memories can be put into picture frames that can be built at home by using simple things. Attractive and unique picture frames can be made with the basic tools, for some only a cardboard and some decorative things are needed. Custom picture frames (glass frames, wooden frames, plastic frames) are easily found in the market and can be used to hang pictures, images and artwork on the walls. But, there is nothing creative and artistic in these frames. Besides, these frames are expensive and can’t be bought every time you want to hang a new picture. Consider making the picture frame at home using simple things which can be easily found in the house. Here is a method to build a picture frame in nine easy steps.

Materials Required for Building and Decorating a Picture Frame

  • Cardboard

  • Glue

  • Sharp scissors

  • Coloured paper

  • Gold sparkle dust

  • Ribbon flowers

Let Us Build the Picture Frame

Select a photograph. Put it on the cardboard and mark it all around with the pencil.

Mark another 2″ border all around the photograph and cut it from the cardboard. Then cut a second piece.

Cut the first piece of cardboard at the line of the photograph.

Paste second piece of cardboard onto the first one, but, leave the upper side of both open. However, seal them at the corners. This space will be used to insert the photograph into the frame.

Cut a triangular stand for the frame from the cardboard and fix it to the back of the second piece of cardboard with strong adhesive.

Paste coloured paper all over the cardboard.

Apply a very thin layer of glue with the help of a brush all over the front side of the frame. Sprinkle some gold dust over this.

Paste colourful ribbon flowers on the borders of the frame. Let it dry for 15 minutes.

Insert the photograph into the frame. Your cardboard picture frame is ready.

A beautiful picture frame really brightens up a room. Unique and colourful picture frames can be created at home using simple things. Many other things can be used to decorate the cardboard picture frames like colourful beads, sea shells, clay flowers, paper flowers, reeds and so on.

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