Importance of Self-Management

If you want to have a healthy life both physically and mentally, you should learn to manage yourself. Your body, mind, soul, emotions, situations, people, society, country and the whole world needs a skillful management.

Unfortunately today, everything has been commercialized and other factors like love, affection, kindness are losing their value. So there is less happiness and more chaos in this world. Not only defeat, but success today causes stress. Stress due to failure is understandable and recovery is easy. But victory stress, that is dangerous and a matter of great worry. The need to succeed continuously imposes a greater stress.

The joy we had when we were a child, just fades away as we grow up. We are doing everything believing that it would bring happiness to our home. Our education, job, career etc. are designed to bring joy. But still we are not happy. This means our self- management is poor and worse.

Everyone speaks of stress management now but what is more important is self- management. Stress is caused when you deviate from your scheduled path. From clerks to managing directors say they have work stress. But, actually stress does not come from work, and it comes from your incompetence in your self management.

Life is not and accident and you should plan every inch of it and stick to your principles and values. Make life as joyous ride to achieve your goal.\

Showing your strength is not management but adjusting to the situations and emerging as a skillful person who fits into anything, whom under every employee feels themselves important is management.

One action is better than thousand words. So start managing yourself and have a wonderful life.

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