How to Do Smart Shopping And Online Shopping

Everybody loves shopping. Nowadays, the market is full of a wide variety of things, top quality products, attractive discounts and alluring offers. Everything is within our easy reach. But, have you ever thought that you are spending profligately by succumbing to these market tactics? An intelligent consumer always thinks carefully before shopping. While many temptations are meant to provide you with the best service, most of them may rob you of your hard earned money. So it is always good to have a look at your budget before shopping. Here are a few tips which you can employ to make yourself a smart shopper:

  1. Check prices online before going for shopping. This will provide you an estimation of expenditure. Take the required amount of cash with you and leave credit card at home.

  2. You can also do online shopping. This is very useful as you can thoroughly read the reviews of the product before shopping.

  3. Always make a list of things which you want to shop. This will help to limit yourself to the list and you won’t end up buying unnecessary items.

  4. If you are drawn towards something other than in your list, it is always better to think for a couple of minutes before just putting it in your trolley. Do you really need it? Can you do without it?

  5. Never go hungry to the supermarket. Ensure that you have a good snack before going out. This will help in keeping you away from the junk food shelf.

  6. When you come across the offers like ‘five kg potato pack in just two pounds’, think twice. Tempted by the bulk offers, you can sometimes incur loss actually. It is always good to buy the storable amount of food products. If possible, ask some of your friends to share it with you. This way, you both will benefit.

  7. While shopping for clothes, don’t act on impulse. Be very choosy while selecting your outfits.

  8. Keep your wardrobe small. Don’t overstuff it. Make sure that your old clothes are discarded before purchasing new ones. Have a look at your existing collection before shopping. This will help you purchase new ones sensibly.

  9. It is better to go alone while shopping for clothes. This way you won’t be influenced by others and end up buying stuff that you don’t like. You can have their opinion later on.

  10. In the matter of outfits, try on everything you want to buy.

  11. Don’t buy same colours again and again. You will soon get bore of them. Experiment with different shades that suit you.

  12. It is not a matter of shame to go to a sale. Selection may be limited there, but you can find lovely night dresses and slippers there.

  13. While buying cosmetics, just take note of the existing ones. Always check the manufacturing date as all the cosmetics are supposed to be used within a year or so.

  14. Shopping for accessories sometimes result in the hoarding of a lot many things. Before going to purchase them, just have a look at your previous collection. Maybe, you find matching items in your closet as well.

  15. Kids grow up very fast, so it is of no use to spend lavishly and frequently on their dresses. But it doesn’t mean that they should be deprived of their favourite ones which they yearn for. Make it a practice to buy a dress for your kid on every special occasion. This way, your kid will have a new dress for every occasion and later on it can be worn in daily routine.

  16. Things of daily use like kitchen towels, toilet tissues, foil, and so on are available at low prices. You need not compromise with the quality. There are many good quality cheap products available in the market other than the popular brands.

These small things can greatly influence your savings.


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