Colloidal Silver

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Colloidal Silver

The silver-base metals used since ancient times. The human body is an essential trace element that has the beneficial effects of the ancient Greeks and Romans also used. Beverages silver pots remained fresh much longer. The American colonists were ezüstdollárt the milk, so long it does not sour.

Why has a curative effect of the silver colloidal solution consumption?
Research results show that approx. 650’s against the pathogen is resistant to impact, they are about. 6 minutes to destroy, in Science Digest Magazine (1978 / 03) Communication. By contrast, an antibiotic, at best, only organisms capable of destroying half a dozen! The large intestine does not harm the beneficial bacteria, because of the small intestine is absorbed.
The silver interior and exterior dimensions suitable for use as a distinctive
Silver colloids
Silver protein.
These solutions help create a special electronic device to. Nano colloidal silver water, silver protein-protein medium can be prepared. Nano Silver Concentrate externally to that of the residential sites ékszertiszta hygienically critical, no side effects, provide antibacterial protection. In the garden of the bacterial and fungal diseases of plants can manage it. It can be used for disinfection of drinking water as well.

The consumption of such high quality silver solution. The following diseases where a cure has proven to be effective:
-Lyme Disease
Eye-ear, mouth and throat
Externally, wounds, eczema, itchy rash, csípésekre, warts, eye and is also perfect for dermatitis.
Fetal growth-promoting
Bone regeneration

The silver solution internally for use only in a course of treatment!
A good quality silver solution has never experienced any side effects are not! Does not interact with other drugs, its effects are not affected. The silver colloids together daily use of supports and strengthens the body’s natural defenses, the immune system, increase vitality and longevity. To fully absorbed, 50-10 minutes before eating to drink. You can use the opportunity provided by the natural home of the silver solution to heal, or to clean the environment.


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