How to be A Successful Student

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Managing your time. It is hard to find time to study and do your homework as a high school student because of everything that is going on around you. Sports, extra curricular activities, work, etc. The key is to set a portion of your day to school and homework. If you are on a sports team or do after school programs try to squeeze a little time to study and do homework in the time right before these activities. Every little bit of time helps. Take 15 or 20 minutes before you eat dinner, or try reading something over again before you go to bed. The key is to put some time aside for your studies. If there is any downtime at your job, take out the books and try to get in a little work done there.

NOTES. Take good notes in class. Once you are home try re-reading them or re-writing them to get the thoughts engraved into your brain. This is a fool proof method to quicker learning.

Highlight anything that looks important or you should know. This way it sticks out when you read it again.

For exams and test, study in a quiet place and study as much as you can. Make flash cards, study guides, whatever it takes. Make sure you spend a lot of time studying for these. Don’t forget to read over your notes a couple times as well.

Do your HOMEWORK! Homework isn’t made to be a pain in the you know what for the student. Homework is supposed to help you understand the material you are learning better. That is why you should do it. If you do your homework you will understand your subject a lot better.


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