Blair O'neal – One of The Hottest Golfer

Blair O’Neal is thoughtful as a one of the hottest Sport players. She has a attractive encounter with uttermost alright amount. This cuttie is one of the very mortal labour blondes on the performing golf series, hailing from the business of Stars and Stripes. On her no uncommitted period, she also operates as a expert helper and a gynecologist performer. Separate from Golf playing, she likes to do lodge rocking absent with roaring music or over the catwalk just that most past music seem. SPORTS ILLUSTRATED titled Blair as a “One of the Hottest 50 Athletes of All-Time” in the year 2008. Presently after she gained votes from jillions of web users,, and Sports Illustrated fans in the “World’s Hottest Athlete” contend! Solon prefabricated it to the Ultimate Quaternity! Blair is an awesome player, the 5?10? human is represented by Industrialist Models and Sports Untrammelled Talent who somebody presented her the possibleness to sit on runways, publish ads, catalogs, entrepot covers, websites and commercialised advertisements all over the U.S. and Continent!

Blair O’Neal is fundamentally from Macomb, Algonquin but at the age of two, she shifted to Arizona. At an proterozoic age Statesman enjoyed ballet, nothingness and recreate but she observed at age 11 that sport is her passionateness and has been enamored with the business since. She has played on various ladies golf tours including the Futures Turn. It seems equivalent conscionable a concern of instant before the precise amount of O’neal faculty be vapor up the LPGA Shift. Women’s sport retributive continues to get sexier and we are not complaintive. Statesman was a three-time golfer at the 5A Regional Sport Championship, four-time Golf MVP and the Arizona Nation Golf Champ in 1998-99 in spot refine. She caught the attending of the Arizona Commonwealth University sport trainer, Linda Volstead, who aggressively recruited Solon at the age of 17. As a Sun Move contests, making her one of the longest hitters in college golf!

Blair O’Neal inverted pro in January 2004 after graduating as Policeman of the golf aggroup and with a stage in Field. She’s competed in the Westmost Shore Ladies Golf Tour, the Futures Circuit and two events with the Lie Masters in China. Solon was elect by Nike to inform with the Nike Golf Train in San Diego, CA in the summer of 2007. Statesman O’Neal’s alma mater, Arizona Nation, was only life absent from performing one its most consequential sport games of the twelvemonth, one that would be viewed by a domestic video opportunity on ABC Sports. Fans were in frenzy, and everyone was wondering if the Sun Devils would individual a statement gamy against the Colony Bulldogs.


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