Resumes: Don't Lie, But Don't be Afraid to Spin


Never lie, as it can be quite effectively checked out in a matter of seconds. But learn how to spin (or convey) your accomplishments in such a way that it immediately sparks interest wth an employer. Your resume should be very concise, as a hiring officer, manager or owner may have very little time to scan through a mountain of resumes stacked to the heavens, or endlessly scan Word or PDF files of prospective employees. Don’t lie, but learn how to spin the truth. One doesn’t necessarily have to look like the inconic comic book/movie “Iron Man” running a corporation and fighting evil in his/her spare time. But if you’ve had problems with previous employers, learn how to either omit it, or phrase it in such a way that it wouldn’t harm you.

If the job wasn’t significant enough-or didn’t take up a huge chunk of your recent work history-certain work histories can be deleted or omitted from your resume. If you were a stellar employee, learn how to spin it in such a way that these attributes and characteristics easily come to the surface in a way that is not too hard on the eyes. You don’t want to blow your horn too loud-just loud enough to get the message across-in kind, melodious notes that the hiring person will be enchanted and enthralled by. Spinning your work history means phrasing things in such a way that it has just the right amount and proper balance to as your ‘saxophone’. Conveying your resume can make that last job where you didn’t perform so well stand out.

One does that by enhancing positive qualities and things that you did. If you were fired from your previous job for a serious infraction, you should deal with problems that led to it first. If one was drinking, doing drugs (or being ‘high’ on the job), there really is no amount of spin. It’s best to seek help first, especially if the drug/alcohol issues are very bad. For even if you can spin it enough, it can still affect any future job performance. So if there were serious infractions involved, it’s best to seek help. If it becomes an issue to future employee’s, spinning it can include getting treatment. Never lie, but there are ways of conveying your desire for employment that can include mentioning help…and redemption.

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