Saving Money

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Try Different Ways of Transportation To and From Work
Trying different ways to save money on gas such as taking public transportation or riding your bike to wherever you need to go is a great way to save extra money.

Every Day little things
Stop buying that Dunkin Donuts coffee every day. Make your coffee at home. Stop buying an energy drink or Gaterade at the corner store, buy a large pack of it at your nearest bulk or wholesale store.

Money Management
Try using excel or a spreadsheet to track your spending and what you may need to cut down on. Try to set goals for you to save such amount of money during such month.

Find Ways to make Extra Money
Pick up an extra job or something along the lines of ehow to bring in an extra hundred or so dollars a month, every little bit helps.

Going Out To Eat
Avoid going out to eat as much as you can. It is expensive and a home cooked meal is cheaper not to mention home is where the heart is so why not stay home for a couple meals, its cheaper and you will feel much better.


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