The Real World New Orleans 2010, Episode 7: Jemmye in Battered Women's Shelter

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On episode 7 of the Real World New Orleans 2010, the roommates go to a Lady Gaga theme party and the boys eat bugs.

Lady Gaga

Preston and Ashlee are getting ready for a theme party. The theme: Lady Gaga. Knight views this opportunity as the right time to call Preston a nasty slur regarding his sexual orientation.

The Relationships Crumble

Knight treats Jemmye with disrespect and tells her to “kick rocks, hoe.” Sahar discovers that her boyfriend back home, Pablo, has been getting it on with girls behind her back.

Habitat for Humanity

All of the roommates on The Real World New Orleans 2010 except for Ryan volunteer for Habitat for Humanity. The organization helps build houses for needy families who could otherwise not afford a home. McKenzie goes all in with the project and this turns Knight on. After they finish their first day of construction, they go to Subway to eat.

Knight and McKenzie

If you thought that Knight and Jemmye were going to be an ongoing item, then you are watching the wrong show. Knight flirts with McKenzie and she flirts back. That night, they are in the confessional together talking and Jemmye bursts in the door, but they kick her out.

Sahar vs. Knight

Sahar tells Knight that he doesn’t take responsibility for his words and that even though he jokes around a lot, he tends to push things too far and people get hurt. Knight tells her to mind her own business.

So, Sahar starts making fun of Knight’s chompers and he pokes fun at her clothes. She makes fun of his beer belly and he says that she has sideburns. The Knight pushes the envelope and makes a comment about her boyfriend, Pablo. He went too far again.

Eventually they make up, but words are not easily forgotten.

Knight Abuses Jemmye?

Jemmye spends her time helping at the local battered women’s shelter and starts to realize that Knight verbally abusing her is just as damaging as when her ex physically beat her.

What Will Happen Next?

What will happen next? Will the roommates continue to help build homes for the needy? Will Jemmye kick Knight to the curb? Will Knight end up getting punched in the face due to his mouth?


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