Monday Night Raw 8-16-10

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Results of summerslam you can find elsewhere on the net as i don’t have the money to order the ppv’s but obviously there was a big surprise for everyone. 

One I sure as heck wasn’t expecting that’s for sure.  So kudos to the WWE for surprising me as it doesn’t happen often.

Nexus opened the show.  I think the t-shirts they all wear aren’t exactly highly marketable.  It really made the 7 man elimination match pretty pointless to have them come out first and talk a mile of smack even though they lost.  John Cena interupted as he so commonly does and for some inexplicable reason the fans love him.  I can’t stand the guy.  Though he has excellent mic skills.  He can barely wrestle and the WWE pushes him harder than any wrestler I’ve ever seen.  Then John Cena pretended that nexus dumped daniel bryan when i think everyone knows the truth.  John Cena then went on to make fun of each individual member of nexus and frankly did a good job.  I think Heath Slater will forever more be compared to the wendy’s girl.  Wade Barrett truly is good with a mic.  The E-GM announced each member of the nexus will have to wrestle in a match tonight and then Wade announced that if any of them lose they are out of the Nexus group.  The E-GM interupted again and said that Wade had to wrestle Chris Jericho but the other Nexus members got to choose who they would wrestle from team WWE from summerslam.

A match between Jericho and Barrett would have to be great to say the least but Jericho is the veteran.  Storyline wise I predicted that Barrett would win in the end though.  And I was correct.  I do wonder if they’ll be turning Jericho back into a babyface with this storyline but i’m skeptical.

Then celebrities came out, yay.  They introduced the heart dynasty.  Then thankfully the celebrities left.  The E-GM interupted again and announced the phrase unified tag team titles will no longer be used but rather just WWE tag team champions from now on.  New belts were introduced and in my opinion they don’t look bad.  But the WWE doesn’t really have a tag division to speak of so frankly its kind of a waste of time.  Bret Hart came to the ring to give the belts to the Hart Dynasty.  Nexus interupted (lots of interupting in this show) and Justin Gabriel will be facing Bret Hart.  I have to say its hard for me to predict the outcome of this match but I’m going to go with Bret Hart and see what happens.

But rather than go with that match next they brought out Michael Tarver to wrestle Daniel Bryan.  Michael Cole trashed on him some more and that leads me to predict Bryan as the winner before the match started.  Personally I’m surprised they didn’t start with Bryan at the beginning of the show.  A promo from him in the beginning I’m sure would have been awesome.  Bryan performed a great missile drop kick.  The miz came out and caused a distraction and Tarver won with a quick pin.  Bryan then attacked the miz and then the miz, tarver and Alex Riley beat the hell out of bryan and then the Miz did a skull crushing finale driving Bryan’s head into the money in the bank briefcase. 

So an ending to a match I wasn’t expecting though honestly I guess I should have thought that the Miz would come out at some point but momentarily I forgot about their brewing feud.

BTW I’m a huge Miz fan.  So when they came to him after the commercial break I knew a good promo was coming and I was right.  Alex Riley’s portion of the promo wasn’t bad either.

Darren Young then announces he wants to face John Cena.  Kind of expected after Cena ripped into him verbally earlier in the evening.  However, Cena’s buckwheat reference was a little out of line.

After Justin Gabriel got in the ring the E-GM went back on his word and said he doesn’t like Bret Hart and never wants to see him wrestle in a Raw ring.  Pretty unexpected, but the E-GM said he had a substitution and Randy Orton’s music came on and he came down to the ring.  I predict a win for Randy Orton.  I feel better about predicting that than i did about Bret Hart.  Honestly, I don’t really like Randy Orton and I kind of fast forwarded through the match.  But lo and behold more outside interference?  Sheamus came down and then he and Orton begun fighting and the ref counted Randy out.  Is this how the whole show is going to go?  Here I was all impressed at how many matches were going to be on Raw tonight, typical.  Orton, mad at being counted out, RKO’d Gabriel then went and grabbed chair and began beating on Sheamus quite a bit.  On a somewhat separate note I am so sick of hearing Cole use the word “vintage”.  Can we get the USA network to start censoring that word?  After it seemed as though Orton was leaving he ran back and RKO’d Sheamus on the mat outside the ring.

Somehow the WWE thought a tag match with two of the Nexus guys (Skip Sheffield and David Otunga) against R-truth and John Morrison was a logical progression.  I was under a very false impression all the matches would be one on one.  I predicted a nexus win on this one.  Possibly with Morrison and R-Truth duking it out in the end.  Notice how i have no problem telling you my predictions whether they’re right or wrong.  I was correct about the Nexus win and surprisingly it was clean and there was no duking it out between Morrison and Truth.

Thankfully, there was a crappy 3 woman tag team diva’s match.  I personally believe that Alicia Fox is amazingly hot and great with a mic.  Man, I hate michael cole.  His announcing makes the diva’s match even more painful.  I didn’t bother predicting a win because I didn’t care much but Raw does like the heels among the women and they did in fact pick up the win.  A pointless match. 

Edge got some mic time but was very quickly interupted by Heath Slater.  Heath asked Edge to not show up at their scheduled match he said no in a rude way and when he turned to walk away Heath hit him in the back of the head.  Cue Commercial.

Their match was next.  I predicted a win for Heath.  But I was kind of hoping someone from Nexus would have lost by now but Edge got counted out in a very very cheap way.  He was going to hit a spear on Slater on the outside of the ring.  he missed as Slater jumped back in the ring by a split second and won.  Then edge out of anger hit a spear on Slater in the ring.  Pretty much every Nexus match was poorly executed with a crappy ending.  The tag match was the best of the night so far and that’s just sad.

Then celebrities interviewed the Great Khali and they talked about long distance relationships and his ugly girlfriend.  Rediculous promo.  I don’t even want to talk about it.

I predict a Darren Young win over Cena.  Just as the match was about to start nexus came out to watch but theoretically not interefere in any way as the E-GM threatened them off the idea.  Cena is the Superman of wrestling so storyline wise i can’t see Cena winning but knowing how much WWE creative just loves this guy I don’t know how they’d let him lose.  (LOL.  A few minutes after I typed the Superman line Jerry Lawler actually compared Cena to Superman.  That’s hilarious).  For some reason Young threw Cena outside the ring.  He then followed him and threw Cena into the steel stairs but it wasn’t done very well on Cena’s part.  Then as Cena lay against the steps Young drop kicked the other side of them.  Cena was almost counted out but pretty much leapt in on the count of 8 or 9.  Then Cena did his classic moves that all lead into the rediculous 5 knuckle shuffle.    I hate that move.  Cena put on the STF and Young tapped out.  I was wrong about the end again.  Then Nexus came down to the ring let Cena leave the ring peacefully and then beat up on Young.  So now there are 6? 

Not the worst Raw I’ve ever seen but not the best either by far.  The outcomes of the matches were cheap.  I felt ripped off and I didn’t even pay anything.  I was actually expecting good quality wrestling.  I am still dumbfounded that a mic never found its way into Daniel Bryan’s hand.  That should have been the event of the night.  But i guess stupid celebrities and the Great Khali make better television in the eyes of WWE creative.


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