Dexacort- N Ointment

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I you have problems with eye irritation and the eyes getting reddish because of long hours of sitting in front of the computers or watching television than I would suggest to use Dexacort- N ointment.

I work in the share market and so for majority of the day I am in front of the computer or watching television, sometimes I am glued to the screen for 6-8 hours on the trot and that isn’t good for the eyes, my eyes become deep red and it starts itching a lot. I visited a doctor and he prescribe me Dexacort- N ointment to use on regular basis, initially I didn’t enjoy using  Dexacort- N ointment because it use to give a burning sensation  but after using it for a day or two I found the benefits of using Dexacort- N ointment.

After the initial burning sensation, Dexacort- N ointment eased out the itching and allowed me to concentrate on my work, it just burns for few seconds but after that it works wonders, along with easing out the itching Dexacort- N ointment also help to relax a bit. The ointment has a soothing effect as it cools down after awhile and takes away all the uneasiness suffered.

As per the pricing I think Dexacort- N ointment is a bit expensive as a small tube cost about a dollar but Dexacort- N ointment is a high quality product and so I really don’t mind paying for it. Dexacort- N ointment also can be used for conjunctivitis a very common eye disease in my area( as told to me by my doctor).


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