How to Optimize Your Image With a Nikon D80 Dslr

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If you are like me one of the things that I absolutely must have in a shot is Vivid Color. Vivid Color even makes a poor shoot look better. Also, when u take a show maximizing the vivid color its easier to work with in Photoshop. This is a quick article on how to optimize your image with a Nikon D80 DSLR.

First go to Menu>Shooting Menu>Optimize Image> Custom

With the first option Tone Compensation I leave as Default. The Nikon D80 automatically adjusts the contrast and dynamic range on every shot. From my experience the D80 does a GREAT job with this.

Set your Color Mode to IIIa (three-a), this is crucial. This will give you brighter colors then the default I.

Saturation should be set at +, this gives brighter colors in addition boost from Color Mode III.

Your last step is to go ahead and leave the Hue at default. If you really want to mess with the Hue you can do it when u download the picture to photoshop.
Make sure when you’re done select “Done” so it will save your new settings.

This was a basic article on how to optimize your image on a Nikon D80.



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