How to Fix Video Jumpiness in Firefox

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Firefox is an excellent browser and I pretty much don’t use anything else. It isn’t perfect but one of its coolest features is that it can be modified. Once of the things that I don’t care for is when watching a video the slight lag that happens every 10 seconds or so. It isn’t that noticeable but once noticed it is annoying. The video jumpiness is actually a Firefox issue not an internet connection issue. The problem stems from a nice Firefox feature called “session restore”. Browsers tend to crash from time to time and “session restore” returns all the tabs you had opened following the crash. As it turns out Firefox saves your open tabs every 10 or so seconds, this is the source of the problem especially if you have a bunch of tabs open. I tend to always have a bunch of tabs open so when I’ve been actually hunting out a fix.The good news is that you can fix this yourself, that is the nice thing about Firefox is that there tends to always be a fix. Like i said Firefox saves your tabs every 10 seconds, so the fix is just to change that number. This is a really basic Ehow that should correct your problem.

Open up the Firefox browser and in the address bar and type about:config and press enter.

In the filter box type browser.sessionstore.interval and you’ll see things collapse to a single line.

You will see a value of 10,000 which means the browser will save the tab every 10,000 milliseconds or every 10 seconds. Double click on the line and a window will appear and allow our to change the value. I just entered five 9’s, this will stretch the time out to once every minute and a half. That’s it done; you should no longer notice any video jumpiness


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