How to Enable Cookies on Your Computer

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Cookies are bits of information that your web browser stores on your computer. This allows websites to keep track of your preferences, choices you made or sites you visited, so they can personalize their appearance or functionality. Even though they keep track and report sites you used they can NOT read data stored on your computer. Cookies may be set on your computer not just by the site you visited but also by sites reference in unseen code. Such third party cookies can often be set by advertisers. The good thing is that your are able to block third party cookies. This is an article on How to Enable Cookies on your Computer.

Click internet options and select the privacy tab.

Choose one of the privacy pre-set privacy levels which allow cookies board on the privacy policies of sites that set them and weather there first or third party sites. Medium or medium high settings are appropriate for most users.

Click tools, options, and then privacy. Choose accept or block all cookies or only block third party cookies.

Click edit and then preferences. Choose to accept cookies always, never, or only from sites you navigate to. This was an article on how to enable cookies.


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